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They Saved Me Money

Thunderbay Automotive

I researched a lot of different business cash advance lenders on the internet. I never just take the first deal I find. What I liked the most about Merchant Cash Express is that what they quoted me in the beginning is what I paid in the end, it didn’t get changed up.
Steven Price, Thunder Bay Automotive


They Made It Simple

I could not believe how simple and easy the whole experience was in working with Merchant Cash Express. I started the process on a Tuesday and by Friday I had $75,000.00 wired in my operating account. Working with Linda was very enjoyable, she is very professional and friendly. It was so much easier then dealing with a bank!
Michelle Niessan, Avatar Designs


They Earned My Trust

My business is my passion, its my life. I cannot just trust its livelihood to anyone. They earned my trust by delivering on their promise of savings, ease of the process, and worked hard to get me the money I needed to grow my business. They are more then just a cash advance company, they have become like a business partner committed to my growth and prosperity!
Jacob Klinger, Jacob's on the Promenade
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